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Board of Directors


The Restorative Justice Ministry Board meets once a month to discuss and direct this ministry.

*If you are interested in  joining the Board we are currently looking for a Secretary. (Our Board members are not paid for this ministry. Strictly on a volunteer basis.)

  •  Nur Rashid, Chairman, The Door Christian Fellowship BCS

  •  Noe Juarez, Vice Chair/ Secretary, Skybreak Church / Momentum Church

  •  Jim Jackson, Treasurer, A&M Church of Christ

  •  Eddie McCoy, Chaplain, Somerville Church of God

  •  Rebecca Rashid, Administrative Coordinator, The Door CFM BCS

We welcome your prayers, comments and suggestions for Restorative Justice Ministries.  You can reach our office at or (979) 361-4852.

If you have any concerns or questions for the Sheriff’s office, contact the Restorative Justice Ministries office who will notify the Chaplain.


The Chaplain is the liaison between R.J.M. and the Sheriff’s Office on religious and spiritual matters.




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