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RJM begins Fundraising to bolster and expand inmate services at BCDC


RJM, a Christian ministry to the inmates at the Brazos County Detention Center (BCDC), announced it is beginning a fund raising campaign to raise money for the following ministry services:


  • Increase donations to maintain basic ministry operations into 2019.

  • Increase Chaplain hours from 10 to 20 hours per week.

  • Increase funding available for Bible purchases. 60-70 Bibles are given each week.

  • Begin a inmate mentoring program with selected volunteers.

  • Purchase Bible Study Booklets and Religious Tracts for more indepth study of the Word by inmates.

  • Procure outreach materials such a computer projector and brochures to share the message of our ministry.

What does RJM do at BCDC ?  Seventy RJM volunteers and two paid part time staff provide Chaplaincy and Spiritual Support Service for 600-800 inmates in the Brazos County Detention Center year round.  We provide 12- 15 Life Skills classes bimonthly, to help inmates rethink aspects of their lives before reentry.  Life Skills classes include Parenting, Job and Careers, Personal Finance and Celebrate Recovery.  RJM volunteers also conduct some 35 Bible Studies and 26 Sunday Worship Services each month.  We strive to meet the needs of the "least of these".  Matt 25.


Why is the fund raising necessary now?   Costs of our ministry have exceeded our donated income. Donations  comprise 55% of our budget.  Our donations are down.  Our immediate goal is to raise $ 6000 dollars to continue the ministry into year and then raise $17, 230 to expand the services noted above. If we do not raise the minimum of $ 6,000 in the next 6-8 months we will have to close our doors in mid year.  


The Chaplain routinely spends 25-30 hours each week in counseling inmates and meeting their needs.  He is currently paid for 10 hours only. RJM seeks to compensate the Chaplain for services performed.


What are RJM main expenses?

 RJM has a very small annual budget and two part time paid staff; a Chaplain who is currently paid for 10 hours per week and an Administrative Coordinator who is paid for 20 hours a week. These two part time positions are our fixed expenses. The rest of the budget is for purchase of Bibles, religious tracts, Bible Studies and supplies.  RJM budget is very modest and the ministry is run with an eye to minimizing expenses.  However what we are requesting in this fund drive is not extras but the provision of basic ministry services to meet inmate needs.


Why were the above Ministry services selected?  The RJM Board of Directors approved the above funding list after an internal review of our existing services and discussion of future needs.  The decisions have been made with much prayer and seeking of the Holy Spirit in guidance and direction.


How will RJM do its fundraising?  RJM Board Members and Volunteers will be visiting local churches, religious organizations and businesses to share with them the RJM jail ministry and its impact on the greater Brazos Valley.  We have a formal presentation we can present if asked. We trust in God's provision to provide the necessary funds to not only sustain but expand our ministry to the inmates and their families of the Brazos Valley.


For more information about this fund raising effort or to help raise funds, please Contact Us or go to our Donate page.

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